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Blessing Of Ramadan :)

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(: Taraweeh :)

  Taraweeh Every year in the month of Ramadan Muslim's from around the world try to ask forgiveness from the all might Allah because in the month of Ramadan doing good deeds are easier  . To make Islam more easy Allah "Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala" has rewarded Muslims with this month . The month of blessing contains many gifts among them are Taraweeh . History:)

life in Madinah of prophet 10th year of hijrat main event`s

year of deputationsThis year is also called as 'Am-ul-wafd' In this year most of the arabia tribe join Islam

life in Madinah of prophet 9th year of hijrat main event`s

Tabuk Expeditionprophet received information that the roman emperor is comeing for war Hazrat  usman donated 1000 gold dinarshazrat umer donated half of his cashhazrat abu bakr donated every thing he hadroman after seeing the strength of Muslim.roman leave without any fight it was the last fight of prophet ﷺ personally took part.

life in Madinah of prophet 8th year of hijrat main event`s

Battle Of Mutahprophet ﷺ sent a messenger to the roman emperorThe messenger was killed at mutah in Syriaprophet ﷺ on army of 3000 men under khalid bin walid defeated the enemy

life in Madinah of prophet 7th year of hijrat main event`s

Message of Islam to The kingsIn the sixth year after hijrat the prophet ﷺ decided to invite the kings and to the  rules to the way of faith  The roman emperor : he send abu sufyan the one of the bitterest enemies of the prophet ﷺ he send him . but after hearing the king was shock but he did not accepted Islamemperor of Persia : he tore the letter in to piece . soon his dark days start to come like 'his son died . his wealth start to be finish and he diedemperor of alyssiniu :this tribe accepted Islam send giftsRuler of Egypt ; he accepted Islam and gift prophet  ﷺ with a horse and Hazrat maria whom later married prophet ﷺThe rulers of Bahrain and Oman :they both accepted Islam